Friday, June 8, 2018

An Apology From The PUP

The PUP wants to Apologize to Angelica S for what I have done.
I was in breach of Angelica's TOU with these tubes in this kit.
I have apologized to Angelica for what I have done to her tubes.
I have no excuse except that I did read her terms of use properly.
It kills me that I am so stupid for what I have done.
The kit has be pulled from all my stores. I will re release it without
the tubes, with only the frames I made which follows Angelica S TOU. 
The PUP apologizes to anyone else I have upset in doing this stupid thing.

Thank you for you time and reading/listening

This is the Kit that I have pulled from all my stores.


  1. I don't understand.... What did you do wrong here... could you please explain further...

    1. The dresses on the posers I made which are different to the original one that were on the posers. I was in breach of the terms of use doing this. It is my own fault for not reading the TOU correctly in the first place. So I have taken this kit out of all my stores. I try to do the right thing by all the designers I use in my work. That is all. Hope this explains it for you.....XXXXX

  2. Oh I did not realise the posers had been modified... they looked awesome... can you still use the dresses on another poser, or is this not allowed either..... I get not being able to edit the original poser, but I thought you could make another element, such as the dress, from her styles etc.... it really does look good, at least you did it justice IMO! <3 aka sojournstar