Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just A Note From The PUP

OK - Just a note from the PUP

I wont be around to much this month. Have had some 
sad news, and will be away. Not sure when then PUP
will be home. But I will catch up as soon as I can.
Just wanted to let you all no. I have set my Sales
in all my Stores, so don't miss out on the great 
Deals the PUP has going for you all. Also added a
new Personal and Commercial Use kit to my stores.
A Mothers Day Kit and a Si Fi Space Commercial use
kit. Something a little different for you to play 

Ok Everyone. Take care of you and Happy iNSD this
weekend. Enjoy all your new Kits you get......LOL

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Check Out the PUP's Sales for May 2015

The PUP's Sale For May 2015
The PUP always has a Great Deal for YOU
And Don't Forget it is iNSD this Weekend.
Follow all the Great Deals our Designers 
Have in all Stores - Not To Be Missed

50% off and a Couple of My Stores 
Are even Lower

All my Store Sales are Below
The Best Deals Just for You
All the PUP's kits are 50% off all Month
All the PUP's kits are Set to 20% off all Month
All the PUP's kits are 50% off for August
All the PUP's Kits are 50% off this month
All the PUP's kits are 35% off till the end of the month
All the PUP's kits are 50% off for August
fourth slide image
All the PUP's kits are Just $1.00
All the PUP's kits are 50% off
More Halloween Kits added today
Here at Berry Applicious
All the PUP's kit are 50% off for August
Here at Lollipops n Gumdrops

Come and Sign the PUP's Guest Book
If you do you will get a Gorgeous Easter Kit 
Which will Run For all of April 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

New Kits In Stores Now

OK - The PUP hopes you enjoy this kit. It is a little different 
to my usual type of Scraps Kits. But I loved making it and 
had a lot of fun putting it together as a Commercial Use Kit. 
There are well over 60 elements all full size and 300 dpi. 
Also in this kit there is a few grey scale elements for you to 
colour as you want them. With the elements, There's a lot of 
elements the same but worked with different filters to get different 
finishes. So you have a lot to play with. I would love to have 
some feed back on what you think of this kit, and what you 
would like to see me do in the future. 

So have fun and Happy Scrapping from the PUP.

This kit is Available in all the PUP's Stores
Full Size Only

Mothers Day Kit Preview

As Mothers Day is close The PUP has put together this beautiful kit 
to celebrate this very special day.There are 80 elements in this kit 
to work with in the gorgeous shades of soft Blues and Mauve's with 
a touch of Vintage about this kit. 
Please enjoy and have fun. Happy Scrapping from the PUP.

This kit comes in both Tagger and Full Sizes
And is available in all the PUP's Stores

New CT Tags From Chantal's Creations

These Two Gorgeous new Tags are from Chantal's Creations
Made with the PUP's Kit "Cherry Blossom"
You can check out Chantal's beautiful Tags and her Site HERE
This kit comes in Tagger Size Only
And is available in all the PUP's Stores
 Kit Preview

New CT Tags from Dawdy

This Gorgeous Tag and Header is from Dawdy made with the PUP's Kit
"St George's Day"
You can view Dawdy's awesome work Here On Her Blog
This kit is available in all the PUP's Stores
And comes in both Tagger and Full Sizes.
There is also a Commercial Use kit Available as well

Saturday, April 25, 2015

100 Years Lest We Forget

I Remember My Grandmother
Doris Marion Green-Russell

On this Day, ANZAC Day 2015, I sit in awe of the memories 
of a time now long past. This is the 100th year of the landing at Gallipoli 
where so many young lives were lost on the bloody battle fields of war. 
I have a very special place in my heart for this time.

Although my Grandmother could not be said to have made an overwhelming
contribution to any particular field of endeavor in Australia
during her life. But her death was duly noted by most of Australia's news papers.
It was what she did during the War years WW1 - The Great War My Grandmother, 
it was reported, Was the last survive of the Party of Red Cross Nurses 
who accompanied the first Australian convoy at the outbreak of the 
First World War.

She sailed in the troopship Orvieto, and was on her way to Egypt 
when HMAS Sydney sank the German cruiser Emden, at the battle of Coco Islands. 
My Grandmother served with the Diggers ( Australian Soilders ) at Gallipoli
And severed throughout the duration of World War One She then returned to Australia, 
and to the a normal nursing life in 1920's. She was mentioned in a dispatch 
by Lt. General Sir J.G Maxwell for her bravery and devotion to her duties while under fire.
Her death today brings to light, and highlights the fact that Australia's first Anzac's
Our old soldiers and the ones that severed are slowly but surely passing 
Into the fading memories of yesterday.

Today, there are none. This year 2015, 100 years - 
We only hear their whispers in time. We will never forget what they gave 
So we can live the freedom we do today
We will remember them all always and what they gave so their 
Children can live in Peace.

I remember my Grandmother, Doris Marion Green-Russell 
as a gentle Lady Kind and understanding. She very rarely spoke of her time 
during the War, But then I guess her silence said more than words could.
 She had seen the pain and suffering of war first hand and this 
she never shared but held deep with in her Heart.

Monday, April 20, 2015

New Kits In The PUP's Stores Now

Well hello to all my Scrapping friends out there. 
As it is St George's Day in United Kingdom in the 
next few days. The PUP has put together a Commercial 
Use Kit and a Personal Use kit for this Day. I am 
uploading them now to my Stores. So I hope to have 
them in Store for Sale in the next 12 hours or so. 
I would do it now except The PUP is very tired and 
it's coming up to 2 am here. So will do it tomorrow 
my time. I will let you no when they are in Store. 
But here is a preview for you. 

Thanks for looking. 
Hugs to all from the PUP

These Kits are in all the PUP's Stores
Comes In Full Size Only

Available at Raining Digital's Commercial Use Store

Monday, April 13, 2015

New Commercial Use Kits In Stores Now

Well the PUP has been playing again. And here is what I have been up too. 
So many hours went into these two kit. As it is Spring in some parts of the 
world I made some Fox Glove Flowers and some Wisteria Flowers. The PUP 
was inspired to make this kit by a photo of some flowers in my garden. The flower
 I used was a Violet....LOL... believe it or not. I used the petals to make the
 Fox Glove Petals/flower, and the Wisteria Flowers, with using my favorite Brush 
the warp brush In my PSPro X to get my finished flower. So The PUP hopes 
you like the finished result here. This kit is great to use for any garden projects 
and fantasy kits you make. 
These are two Gorgeous kits from the PUP to you. So have fun and please enjoy.

This kit is Available in all the PUP's Stores

Also at Raining Digital's Commercial Use Store

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just a Note From The PUP

Just A Note From The PUP

Just a note from the PUP to all my Scrapping Friends out there. 
Sorry I have been very quiet over the Easter Break. I have been away 
and got home yesterday. So hope to try and get back into the swing 
again soon. Also i am having computer problems again. Yes same time 
as last year.....LOL. This time it is my main computer, is so not well 
and keeps shutting down on me. So it's off to the Puter Hospital. 
So I am not sure how long that will take to get sorted. But the PUP 
is hoping it wont be to long. I will still be working on some new
 kits as I still have my old faithful up and running. So wont get 
behind. I just wont have the internet.....LOL. as I don't use 
the net on the old girl......So YES the PUP is still here. 
I hope you all had a great Easter Break where ever you are, 
and of course lots of chocky. 

Ok that is about all for now from the PUP
Take care. Lots of love and Hugs from the PUP

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pampered PUP's Easter Blog Train 2015

The Pampered PUP's Easter Blog Train

All A Board, Last Call, Easter Train Leaving 12.00
There are 9 Gorgeous kits on this Train. So come on everyone.
Jump aboard The PUP's Easter Train and join in the Fun
Will see you on board.

Password is - thanks

Train Departs From HERE
Pam: Crazy C at Creations

The PUP wants to thank you all for you support, I hope you have
enjoyed your journey and had lots of fun.
Happy Easter to all and please stay safe
Happy scrapping from the PUP