Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Pampered Pups Blog Train Departs!

Welcome to the first Pampered Pups Blog Train!
Formerly known as the Brat Pack, we have undergone a revamp, name change and a new look in honour of our faithful four-legged friends.
As our first train departs, we are celebrating Halloween with "Yabba Dabba BOO!" and there are plenty of goodies for you this month. So jump aboard and enjoy the ride!

Download the PUP's part here
Password: thanks

Train departs here:

Stina ::designs by stina::

Tootypup: Tootypup Scraps YOU ARE HERE!!

Jodhi: Miggins

Lins: Lins Creations

Amy: Gimptastic Scraps

Tammy: TLP Designz

Miriam: Ellanoir

Jen: Jen's Sweet Temptations

Pam: Scraps by Pam

Carolyn: Carolyn's Scrap Creations

Angela: DigiScrap Cafe

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The PUP's Taking A Break

The PUP's Taking A Break Sale
Well hello to all my scrapping and Tagging friends out there. As The PUP said in her
note yesterday, I am taking a break for 3 weeks as from tomorrow.  I am going to spend
some time with my 3 sisters and girlfriend. So as I promised, I have set all my SALES already
for you to go shopping. So while the PUP is taking a break, you will be getting the benefits.
All the PUP's kits are 50% off in all my Stores (except for Raining Digital's - my CU Store)
Until I get back. Yep 50%
So don't miss out on this great deal while it is running. Get all your Halloween Kits,
and yes even your Christmas kits. Awwww did the PUP say Christmas. Well it's not
far away now. This year has gone so fast already.
OK - Take care everyone. Happy Scrapping and Tagging to you all from the PUP
Catch ya when I get back.............Big Hugs to everyone from the PUP
All my Store Sales are Below
All the PUP's kits are 50% off all Month
All the PUP's kits are Set to 20% off all Month
Come and check out our new Collab - It's Awesome
All the PUP's kits are 50% off for August
All the PUP's Kits are 50% off this month
All the PUP's kits are 50% off till the end of the month
All the PUP's kits are 50% off for August
fourth slide image
All the PUP's kits are 50% off all the time
The PUP is still moving in - all kits 50% off
More Halloween Kits added today
Here at Berry Applicious

 The PUP is moving in - all kits are 50% off
Here at Heartfelt Perfections
All the PUP's kit are 50% off for August
Here at Lollipops n Gumdrops
Come and Sign the PUP's Guest Book
If you do you will get a Halloween Kit Thank you Gift

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just A Note From The PUP

Just A Note From The PUP
Ok Just a note from the PUP to all my Friends
out there in the Scrapping world.
I am going away on Monday, should be home around
the 17th of October. Just thought I would let you
know that I wont be online during this time. Going
to enjoy the break away from the Puter......LOL.
Oh don't worry - The PUP will set all my Store Sales
before I go so you don't miss out on my great deals
I do for you...LOL.
I am going to spend time with my 3 sisters. Don't get
to see them to often. And will also catch up with my
girlfriend too. She and her family moved away from
up were I live 5 years ago.....Ok... that is about
everything. Thank you for listening.......LOL.
Take care everyone, and thank you all for you wonderful support.
The PUP will be back.... Catch up then...... Will Miss you all
Take care - Hugs to all.............XXXXXXXXXX



New CT Tag From - Lisa

This gorgeous new CT Tag is from Lisa - made with the PUP's
Kit "Halloween Treats"
You can view Lisa's TUT HERE
You can buy this Kit in Store HERE
But is also available in all the PUP's other stores as well
This kit comes in both Tagger and Full Size
Have a great day everyone and Happy Scrapping from the PUP

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The PUP's September Sales 2014

Come And Check-Out the PUP's Sales
September 2014

Come on into the PUP's Store And Checkout the great Deals
In my stores just for you. So many things to browse through. 
Just relax, have a Cuppa and take your time. 
Checkout all the PUP's Halloween kits. 
That Holiday is not far away now.....LOL
I know you will love them

New Sales For August 2014 Below
SO Come on - Don't miss out on these
 Raining Digitals - all Kits 20% off excluding Bundles
Scrapping Your Memories - 50% off all Kits
Twilight Scraps - 40% off everything  
Willma4Ever's Store - 50% off everything
Designer Scraps - 40% off all kits
LollipopsnGumdrops Store - 40% off everything
Scraps and Tubes - 35% off everything
Sensibility Scrapping - 40% off everything
Berry Applicious Scraps - 50 off while moving in
Check Out My Fan Page On FB
Tootypup Scraps
 Come and Sign the PUP's Guest Book
If you do you will get a Halloween Kit Thank you Gift
The PUP just wants to Thank you all for your support.
It is all of you that gives me the inspiration to design
I wish you all well for September 2014.
And of course. Hope you enjoyed your cuppa, come back soon
Happy Scrapping to you all from the PUP 

New CT Tags From - Dawdy

These two gorgeous new Tags are made by Dawdy
Using the PUP's Kit "Autumn Tales"
This kit Only comes in Tagger size and is available
In all the PUP's Stores But it is on Sale
for 50% off now.

 Kit Preview

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I remember My Tootypup Today

It's is 4 years today MY Tooty went to Rainbow Bridge. I put this
together for my dear Baby Girl who was with me for almost 18 years. 
I still miss here terribly. But I have my Tikipup to keep me on my 
toes now.....LOL..... I used my kit from the Paws In Heaven Bundles, 
The Kit I used is the PUP's Paws In Heaven Bundle which comes in both
Tagger and Full Sizes.

Also my Dear Friend Stinee made this in memory of my Baby Girl 
too. Thank you so much for this gorgeous layout.
Hugs to all from the PUP.......XXXXXXXXX

New Commercial Use Kit In Store

Ok the PUP has put together some moons for
you to use for Halloween. Or any Fantasy project.
There is 14+ moons in this kit, all full
size and 300 dpi.....Enjoy.
Happy Scrapping from the PUP
This Kit is Available here at
 Happy Scrapping from the PUP

Monday, September 22, 2014

Pup's Sale at Wilma 4 Ever's Store
All the PUP's kits are 50% off for August

Come and Check out the PUP's Halloween Kits
Plenty for you all to play with
Both Commercial Use and Personal Use Kits

Saturday, September 20, 2014

New CU Kit In Stores Today

New CU Released today - CU Happy Halloween Frogs CU Mix FS
This pretty little CU Fantasy Halloween kit has some playful mischievous frogs
 in it for you to play with. The PUP love froggies, so I tried my hand at making
 some to share with you for Halloween. Hope you like them. Better watch out
 what they hop into. Some kind of mischief. LOL
 There is 30+ elements. All are full size and 300 dpi. -
 (There are some tagger elements, about 5)
This Kit is Available here at
 Happy Scrapping from the PUP