Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Kit - New Years Dreams

Tick tock, tick tock...
as this year draws to a close
we begin to prepare for the next
with all our hopes and dreams...
as the PUP plays once again to bring you
"New Year Dreams"

These are extremely detailed pieces
great for use in any size page.
For personal use only.

This Tagger Size Kit contains:
Bistro Table and Chairs
Champagne and Glasses
Word Art
...and more!

The PUP wishes everyone where ever you are
A wonderful and safe New Year 2010
Take care
Hugs from the PUP
You can find my "New Years Dreams" in store here

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Birthday Sale - It's Stina's Birthday

Well hello to everyone from the PUP
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas
Well I have a little secret to tell
But I guess you all know by now anyway
It is Stina's Birthday.Yes she is catching up to the PUP....LOL
well, it will be this week. LOL
And to celebrate Tootypup Scraps and Design's By Stina
are having another sale! YAY!
And this means YOU save!

So for 8 days ONLY all our products will be 38% off
....yes, that's to mark the grand old age of 38. lol
Sale begins Christmas Day
and will run right through and including New Years Day.

Now on another note, The PUP will be leaving
some stores in the New Year,
So for some, this will be a kind of "farewell/retirement"
sale from those stores. lol.
On New Years Day I will be saying good-bye to:
Heartbeatz Creationz
Scraps with Attitude

Thank you so much for having the PUP
here as apart of your stores.
I wish everyone all the best
And I will still see some of you in my other stores I sell in.
Take care everyone, and have a wonderful year 2010
Hugs from the PUP

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Kit -Romancing The New Year

Romancing The New Year
The shadows of this year are growing long.
Tomorrow brings the sunrise of a new day.
A New Year will begin in this our journey of life.
The memories of a time now past will forever last.
Within the confines of our heart.
Resolutions will be make and will be forgotten.
But as long as we stay true to our dreams.
Then peace will touch your heart always.

This is the PUP's New Years kit.
"Romancing The New Year"
It is a kit full of love and celebration of the time.
So I wish everyone a wonderful and safe New Year 2010
May all that you wish for
Comes to you this year 2010.
Hugs to you all from the PUP
These are extremely detailed pieces great for use in any size page.
For personal use only.
The Kit comes in both Tagger and Full Size
It is now available at

On SALE now in store too
So get in early and don't miss out
From the PUP

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Greeting to Everyone


Just the PUP
Coming by to wish everyone the most wonderful Christmas
It is a time for family and friends and to see the smile
on a childs face when they see what Santa left for them
under the Christmas tree on the special day.
And to reflect on the true meaning of this special time
And what was given so we may live today.
I want to thank all of you for the support you have
given me since I came into the world of scrapping.
You have all been a awesome lot to work with.
So please take care of you, and have the best Christmas.

From the PUP to you

Monday, December 21, 2009

New in Stores NOW
sorry everyone -
The PUP did forget to announce it.... a bit late

"Mystical Dreams"

In the shadows of grey.
Within the colour of your dream
The Key to the Mystical Realm of time.
That opens the doorway
to a world of Fantasy
That comes to life
while you sleep at night.
Remember the time
when you were young,
And believed these dreams to be real.

This kit is full of magic and fantasy
From a time we all once believed.
This brought back memories of a time
A time of Fairytales and Dreams

Now long past, my childhood.
I hope you enjoy this kit as much as
I did putting it together for you.

Hugs from the PUP
This kit is available in both Tagger and Full Size

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Tag From Brandy -

Kit used "Winter Friends"
Oh WOW - Thank you so much Brandy
What a awesome Tag sweetie, The PUP loves this
You can finds Brandy's beautiful Tag HERE
And Brandy has also made a QP
with the same kit
you can find the Quick Page HERE
Thank you so much dear Brandy
You have a great Christmas there sweetie
Hugs from the PUP

Oh WOW - Thank you so much Brandy
What an awesome tag sweetie
You can find Brandy's beautiful TUT HERE
And Brandy mad a QP too
Look at this wowow.....Thank you sweetie
You can find it on here BLOG

New Tag From Designs By Karma

Oh WOW - just look at this awesome tag made by DesignsByKarma
with Stina's and my Aussie Collab
"An Aussie Christmas"
Thank you so much sweetie.
You can find this awesome TUT HERE
The PUP wishes you a wonderful and safe Christmas
and the best New Year for 2010
Hugs for the PUP to you

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 Days of Christmas SALE !!!!

On the first day of Christmas
my true love gave to me....
a scrap kit by Tootypup Scrappies!!!

Just what you've always wanted! LOL
And now's the time to grab them.
From 12th through till 24th December
The PUP is having a 12 Days of Christmas Sale
where every day brings you a different product
or two on sale.
This is only happening in the following THREE stores:
Just 4 Taggers
Stargazer Scraps
Katelynns Designs
There will be a variety of themes available
and each day will be someting different!
So be sure to stop by one of the stores
to view the daily specials in the
12 Days of Christmas category!!
And stock up on your favourite products/kits for Christmas!!

So the PUP is wishing everyone
A Very Merry Christmas 2009

New Tags From Emma, Tamsin and Rose

Here is another beautiful tag from Rose made
using one of the PUP's kits
"Candy Cane Express"
You can find Rose's TUT HERE
Thank you so much Rose for making
such a awesome taggie
Hugs from the PUP

Some more beautiful tags made with the PUP's kit
"Christmas Love"
Thank you so much lady's

Here is another awesome Taggie made using my kit
Tut Written By - Emma
You can finds Emma's TUT HERE
Thank you so much dear Emma
The PUP loves this taggie so much
You have a great Christmas sweetie
And thank you so much again
Hugs from the PUP

Here is anothet great tag made using my kit
Thank you dear Tamsin for this beautiful tag sweetie.
You can find Tamsin's TUT HERE
Wishing you a wonderful and safe Christmas
Hugs from the PUP

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Tag From Mary

Thank you so much Mary
You know this is the first kit I ever made.....LOL.....
I thought it wasn't good enough to sell,
so put it in store as a freebie.
Thank you so much for tutting it for me...
You did a awesome job.
Going to put it onto my bloggie now....
Hugs from the PUP

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Kit - Winter Friends

"Winter Friends"

This kit is very close to my heart
As I have a very big love for my Animal Friends.
They play a special part in my life,
and I would be so lost without
the love they have to give.
This Kit has all the Traditional trimings
of Christmas with a touch of Animal love.
Hope you enjoy this kit as much
as I didmaling it for you.
Hugs to all from the PUP

You can find "Winter Friends" in all stores the PUP sells in.
It comes in Taggers size only
So have fun everyone

A New Tag From Maggie

"Where the Gum Trees Grow"

Oh WOW - Look at this beautiful Tag made by Maggie
form Magsnificant Tuts using my Kit
"Outback Christmas"
You can find the TUT for this Tag HERE

Thank you so much Maggie
This is just beautiful showing off a bit of
our Australian Christmas

Hugs from the PUP

All Aboard The Aussie Express - Blog Train

The Aussie Express - Stopping all Stations
The Christmas Sleigh ride blog train
is preparing to leave today - December 8th.
So come on everyone, climb aboard and see what is there under
the Christmas tree for you at each station you stop at.
Have fun everyone
And a Merry Christmas to you all from the PUP

Tootypup Scraps
You can get your present from under the Tree HERE

Our Designer Team

Have fun everyone

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another New Tag

"Winter Romance"
Kit "The Christmas Candy Express"

Well Carol has been playing with the PUP's Kits again
Thank you so much sweetie
The PUP loves you work
You can find the TUT for this tag HERE
The PUP wishes you and your family
A wonderful and safe Christmas
Love and Hugs from the PUP

Friday, December 4, 2009

Some New Tags Made With The PUP's Kits

"Christmas Love"

Well what can I say but a HUGE thank you Carol
This is what Carol said about my kit. WOW
I've got a new tut posted on my blog using Tootypup's gorgeous
"Christmas Love" kit.
This kit is a real pleasure to work with
and has so many possibilities!
Thank you for the opportunity to play with it! :)
The tut is HERE

Thank you so much sweetie
Hugs and much Love to you for Christmas from the PUP


"Christmas Love"

Thank you so much Dear Maggie for this beautiful tag.

The PUP loves it so much.

You can find Maggies TUT for this Tag HERE
The PUP wishes you a wonderful and safe Christmas

Hugs to you

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New In Store Now " Christmas Love"

"Christmas Love"

"Christmas Love"

Romance and Christmas combined into one.
This kit has the touch of both.
It is truely beautiful in every way.
To touch you heart in the most special ways.
This kit brings out the best of this time of the year.
It will place a warmth in your soul
That will stay with you for all time.
So please take just a moment, And take a look at the PUP's latest kit
" Christmas Love"

This kit comes in both Tagger and Full size
And is in all stores the PUP sells at

The PUP wishes everyone a wonderful festive season for 2009
Hugs to you all

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Freebie for you - All Aboard The Holiday Train

Choo-choo!! All aboard The Holiday Train!
Departing from a station near YOU!

From those who brought you the Starving Artist,
we have yet another huge train for you.
Over 62 Designers have jumped aboard to design and create with goodies
just for you! So climb aboard and snag away!
And don't forget to leave us some love when you stop by.....
we put in some hard work and love to read your comments! *g*
And don't forget....Designers are various timezones around the world
so if their part is not yet up, just keep riding the Train and stop back!

So here you go..... The PUP's part of the Blog Train is HERE

Here are all your Freebies
Have Fun
And the PUP wishes everyone a very YOU ARE HERE!