Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heart of a Ghost

In the shadows of the light.
With her soul now cold.
She walks the pathways
In the still mist of time.
Holding within the pain from life.

In life her heart was torn.
When her love was betrayed.
By the one she loved.
Now her spirit shimmers.
Within the dark realms of night.

Casting her revenge from the shadows light.
To the living that took away her dreams.
For only memories of the pain.
She holds now leads her to the darkness.
Her unseen crystal tears she always hides.

As she weaves fear in her magical web.
Where her spirit rains forever eternal
Till the dark of night turns too morning light.
When her soul sleeps in the shadows to bright.
Till again she awakens on this Halloween Night.

© Tootypup - Susan 2009

This kit is hauntingly beautiful,
with the touches of love
And a broken fairy tale.
In the dark of a Halloween night,
Beauty cast a magical spell.

I hope you love this kit as much as I did putting it all together.
Have a wonderful Halloween... ..
Watch out for the shimmering shadows
That float by you as you walk,
feel that cold tingle go through you soul.

Have fun playing with my Kit " Heart of a Ghost"

Thank you all from the PUP
Tootypup Scraps

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sneak Peak

Coming soon to Twilight Scraps!! Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Kit - Puppy Love


"Puppy Love"
Well the PUP is a great lover of all animals, especially doggies....LOL....and coming up soon in Australia, the first 2 weeks of October, we are having an awarness day for animals called "Happy Tails Day" So I thought I would make this kit as apart of that special day. It was a lot of fun to make, I had so much fun doing this. And I hope you have as much fun playing with it too......

Available in all Stores The PUP sells in
Available in Tagger size only

And my first ever CU Template for offer


Well the PUP was playing trying to make a Bougonvillea that I liked because the one I like was a action and I don't have what it takes to use actions....LOL..... so here is my doodle I put together. It is done with the point to point freehand selection tool and lots and lots of little shapes....LOL...... it took me hours to get what I wanted. But it was what I wanted. So now I decided to put it up for offer as a CU template. I hope you will enjoy the result too when you use it in your own kits. Thank you for taking a look..... Love from the PUP

Template is full size at 964 x 1398
Available in all Stores I sell through

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Kit - Papillion Lace and Tooty's a Brat!

Tooty has a new kit for you! It is called "Papillion Lace" as there are lots of butterflies and feminine things. Complimenting her previous kit "Natural Beauty" with a similar palette, "Papillion Lace" is the essence of femininity.

Available in both Full and Tagger sizes.

And another piece of news...Tooty is now officially a BRAT!! Yes, now selling at Scrappin' Bratz.

Sneak Peak

Wanna Sneak Peak at what's coming 1st October??....Stay tuned...

Night Shadows by Maggie

(click image for tutorial)

Maggie surprised Tooty with a tutorial using her "Lil Miss Witchy Poo" kit! Thanks Maggie!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FREEBIE!! All Aboard for the Old Skool Blog Train!!

Are you ready for some freebies?

Do you remember Woodstock? The sexual revolution? The Disco era? The decade that fashion forgot? The big hair and new romantics?

Then THIS train is FOR YOU!!

Team Trouble in its first ever blog train has gathered 19 designers together to bring you those memories of "Old Skool" of days gone by.... So pack your bags and climb aboard the Old Skool Train!!

Please bear in mind that we all live in different timezones so some may not have their parts up yet. But please be sure to check back again!!

Now onto the TRAIN!!! Choo-choo!!


Shani at: Wicked Princess Scraps

Alyssa at: Alyssa's Scraps & Such

Angele at: Angele Design

Cay at: CaysCreation Designs

Gina at: KiKeKa Kits Crafted by Gina

Jen at: Jennie D Desings

Jessica at: Gothic Inspirations

Katie at: Crazed's Creations

Laura at: Lady Yuna Creations

Linda Aka. BadGirl59 at: Badgirlz Stuff

Mystee at: Majik Of Mystee Designz

Natasha at: Sticky Kisses Desings

Nee at: Envied & Admired Scraps

Sashi at: Scrapz By Sashi

Stef at: Freebie Friends

Stina at: Designed by Stina

Susan at: Hippiedaze Scrappin' Stuff

Tamie at: Addictive Pleasures

Tooty at: Tootypup Scraps YOU ARE HERE!!!

Here is Tooty's part of the Train....Disco Queen!!

Spooky Hollow by JynxiKat

(click image for Tutorial)

Thanks JynxiKat for this gorgeously spooky tag using Tooty's "Spooky Hollow" kit. This kit has proved to be a HUGE success, especially when Tooty finished it and sent it to me she said "it's crap. I'm not happy with it." lol Well everyone else seem to think otherwise!
Thank you Jynxi for this lovely tag.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bats at Spooky Hollow by Rose

(click for tutorial)

This lovely tutorial was written by Rose using Tooty's "Spooky Hollow" kit. The tag is animated so visit her site to check it out in full animation!
Thanks Rose!!

The PUP has an Award!

I have received this lovely award from Wendy

Here are the rules for this award:
1. Put the award on your blog.
2. Include a link to the person who gave you the award.
3. Nominate 3 or more Awesome designers.
4.Let them know they have an award on your blog

My nominations are:

Friday, September 11, 2009

SURPRISE! It's Spookylicious Time!


We're spooking you early!
So....do you want a Spookylicious kit? Do you want Tooty's Spookylicious kit?

All you have to do is:
1. Head on over to Twilight Scraps;
2. Load up your cart with $10 (or more) worth of products;
3. Checkout with the special coupon code (SeptemberCollab09);
4. And BAM! Spookylicious is yours FREE!

Take a look at the FULL collab below.....it's totally spookylicious!

This Spookylicious Collab was put together by 13 of our talented designers.You will get 13 tagger size kits in this bundle. You can get this FREE with any purchase over $10.00 or you can purchase it outright for $13.00 that is only $1 per kit WOW!

Simply add $10.00 or more worth of products in your shopping cart then add the Spookylicious Collab and at the checkout please use the coupon code below:

Coupon Code: SeptemberCollab09

But hurry this is only available until October 1st 2009
and only at Twilight Scraps!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Want Another Sneak Peak?

Wanna mega"Spookylicious" kit?
Be sure to check back Monday for details, when all will be revealed...

New Halloween Kit - "Spooky Hollow"

"Spooky Hollow"
The haunted house on Hallow's Eve
In the shadow of, you don't want to been seen
Where again the lifeless walk at night
In the cold mist you see ghosts in flight

Hiding there in the darkness of the light
The witches brewing the spells to cast
As the headless horseman rides on past
A chill runs down your spine - oh so fast

The full moons eerie reflections
Casting the shadows of Witches in flight
The sleeping hollows now awaken to life
Sending an chill right through the time

The pumpkin lanterns casting a crimson glow
In the black corners were no one dares to go
A shimmering image with mesmerizing power
Controls your soul till the early morning hour

© Tootypup - Susan

Available now in all stores Tooty sells at - in both Tagger and Full Size.

New Kit - "Back to School"

Formerly part of the Back to School collab from Paradise 4 Scrappers this kit is now available for separate sale at all of Tooty's stores for the bargain price of $2!!
Perfect for those Back to School tags.

Available in Tagger size only

New Exclusive Kit - "An Autumn Romance

Formerly part of the Twilight Scraps collab for August, this kit is now available for separate sale EXCLUSIVE to Twilight Scraps! For the bargain price of $2!

Available in Tagger size only.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Magical Spells by Rieneke

(click image for tutorial)

New tutorial by Rieneke using Tooty's "Lil Miss Witchy Poo" kit
Thank you Rieneke!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mollus Azaleas by Kate

Another stunning layout by Kate using "Natural Beauty" (full size).
Thanks Kate!

My Backyard by Kate

Another lovely layout by Kate using "Natural Beauty" (full size).
Thank you Kate!
You can visit Kate here

Down Will Fall Angel by Bev

(click image for tutorial)
Bev has written a lovely tutorial featuring Tooty's "Lil Miss Witchy Poo" kit.
Thanks Bev!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sneak Peak

Tooty's part of the upcoming Blog Train "Old Skool"...taking off on 15th September. So stay tuned!

Lil Miss Witchy Poo by Marta

(click image for tutorial)

Marta created this lovely tutorial featuring Tooty's "Lil Miss WitchyPoo" kit, which is proving to be very popular! *s*
Thank you Marta!