Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Halloween Kit - "Spooky Hollow"

"Spooky Hollow"
The haunted house on Hallow's Eve
In the shadow of, you don't want to been seen
Where again the lifeless walk at night
In the cold mist you see ghosts in flight

Hiding there in the darkness of the light
The witches brewing the spells to cast
As the headless horseman rides on past
A chill runs down your spine - oh so fast

The full moons eerie reflections
Casting the shadows of Witches in flight
The sleeping hollows now awaken to life
Sending an chill right through the time

The pumpkin lanterns casting a crimson glow
In the black corners were no one dares to go
A shimmering image with mesmerizing power
Controls your soul till the early morning hour

© Tootypup - Susan

Available now in all stores Tooty sells at - in both Tagger and Full Size.

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