Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The PUP Is Designer Of The Month At Sensability Scraps
Designer Of The Month Feb 2018

 You Can Find My Store Here

This is what is going to be going on in The PUP's Store
For this month of February 2018.

1) All The PUP's Kits Will Be Set To Just $1.50 for the month.

2) There will be Freebies Hidden in my Store.
You just have to find them.....LOL.
Yep The PUP is having a Treasure Hunt.

3) Buy The PUP's Store For Just $20.00
Down from $40.00 - Now that's a Bargain 

4) And for the Customer that spends the most in The PUP's Store
During he Month will get and extra $10.00 to spend.
(This Offer is Open to Customers That Spend $5 or More)
(This Excludes Buying My Store)

Buy The PUP's Store at This Great Discount
Down from $40 to $20.
Yes that's right - you get all of my Store for just $20.00 

 You Can Find My Store Here

There will be freebies Hidden Through Out My Store.
You Just Have to Find Them.....LOL
Have Fun.

Happy Scrapping from The PUP

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Buy My Store For Half Price At Sensibility

Update Cuz My Brain Went To Sleep Again.

Ok - So The PUP forgot to Change the Price Settings in my Store.
LOL - another brain fade.
It is all sorted now, So I will leave the SALE 
Run for another week

Last Chance Before The End of the Month
+Another Week Added as well.
Buy The PUP's Store for HALF PRICE 
Down from $40 to just $20
At my Sensibility Store HERE
Sensibility photo fanofsensibiliy.gif
You can have so much fun with all the kits
you would get. Oh what you could make and do.
Happy Scrapping from The PUP.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Easter Bunny Comes Out To Play Commercial Use


Easter Bunny Comes Out To Play
Commercial Use
The PUP has put this is a Gorgeous Easter Commercial Kit
Made with the Beautiful artwork of Angelica S. as well as
Using my own artwork. There are nine Bunnies and elements
there are many complementary elements for you to make the
setting the way you would like yourself. The PUP has made
up some beautiful elements for you as well to work with.
So I hope you like the end result.

There is 45 elements, Bunnies, Flower Sprigs, Bows, Eggs,
Hearts and some Clusters. So have
Have fun and enjoy.
Happy Scrapping from The PUP
This Kit is Available inn all The PUP's Stores
Comes in Full Size Only

Saturday, January 27, 2018

New Personal Use Kit In Store Today - Lady Hook

This Kit is a kit made to match these Gorgeous Tubes by
Little Doll Designs. Lady Hook is a Steampunk/Vintage
kit for you to work with. There are 80 elements all full
size 300 dpi and as well 12 papers - full size 300 dpi as
well as one Quick Page. The elements kit and Paper kit are
sold separately in my stores. The Tubes are added in the
kit as well with credit going to Little Doll designs.
Please enjoy and have fun - Happy Scrapping from The PUP.
The Kit has been added
To most of my stores. Will finish tomorrow....LOL.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Buy The PUP's Store For Just $20 at W4E

*$20.00 * $20.00 * $20.00 *

Buy The PUP's Store

For a Short Time ONLY - You can Buy My Store at
Half  Price - For Just $20.00
Yes down from $40 to just $20. What a DEAL
This is a once in a lifetime offer. There are over
550 Kits for you to buy in one hit at this one Low Price.
If you like The PUP's work and want to get it all in
one go, This is the way to do it. Or you can get just
my CU 4 C4 and Commercial Use kits, or just the Personal
Use, Tagger and or Full Size kits. The Choice is yours
all for the Low Price Of $20.00. As you know The PUP has
always be very Generous with the size of what's in my kits,
so you will be like a kid with a new toy. Enjoy and most
of all - Have Fun. You can find my BMS Here at 

My Wilma 4 Ever Store.

Happy Scrapping from the PUP....

PS :-) This is a great way to top up the kits you don't have
if you have already got The PUP's BMS. 
I Added Over 100 New Kits In 2017

Friday, January 19, 2018

New Tag from Von Rosi aka My Dreamy Tag Creations

This awesome new Tag is fromVon Rosi at My Dreamy Creations.
This tag was made with my New Steampunk Kit - Lost World.
This Kit is Available in all The PUP's stores.
Please come and take a look at Rosi's Gorgeous Blog HERE
Such Beautiful Work.

Kit Preview

New CT Tags From Patricia Designs

Look at these Gorgeous new CT Tags From Patricia Designs
Using The PUP's Kit - White Christmas And Mistletoe.
Please came and take a look at Patricia's Beautiful Blog HERE

CT tags for Tootypup Scraps with kit " WHITE CHRISTMAS AND MISTLETOE  " by Susan 

This is a really beautiful kit for you to
work with for Christmas,the colors are so gorgeous, I know you will love working with it.
The PUP has put this kit together with my own artwork and the Gorgeous art work of other
3rd party designers I have used. There are 83 gorgeous elements for you to play with, some
are clusters as well and 13 papers all full size 300 dpi.

This is a Personal Use Kit" ONLY
Have fun and Happy Scrapping from The PUP

You can purchase here:



Thursday, January 18, 2018

Flash Sale At Scrap And Tubes
Yes It Is That Time Of The Month Again
All The PUP's Kits are just $1.00
For 24 Hours ONLY
So Come and checkout my Store.
There is a lot of new kits there now.
And please checkout all our other designers that
are taking part in the Flash Sale
The PUP's Store is HERE
Designer for Scraps and Tubes

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Commercial Use Kit In store Now

Peacocks Paradise Commercial Use FS
The PUP has put Toether this beautiful kit
With my own artwork and the Gorgeous artwork from Angelic S.
Using her kit "Peacocks"
This kit has 30 amazing elements for you to work with
and there is also a bonus elements pack in the kit as well
Giving you more elements to work with.
This is a Commercial and Personal Use kit,
All elements are full size 300 dpi.
This kit would be a great kit to use in any of your fantasy projects.
So I do hope you enjoy this one from The PUP.

Happy Scrapping *

This Kit is Availaable in all of The PUP's Stores

Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Tube and Tag from Hanny's Design Place

This Gorgeous new Tag was made by Hanny from Hanny's Design Place.
Hanny used The PUP's new kit "Lost World"
and the Tube she made herself which you can see below.
Please come and take a look at Hanny's Blog HERE
Hanny does Such beautiful work.
This kit is available in all The PUP's Stores.

 Tube Preview

Kit Preview

 Papers Preview

Friday, January 12, 2018

New Commercial Use Kit In Store Today

New Commercial Use Kit In Store Today from The PUP.
"Unicorns Dream Cu 4 Cu FS"
This is a Gorgeous Kit with beautiful elements for you to work with.
The colors blend so well together. A great kit for you to work with
for any of your Fantasy Projects you may be working on. I used the
Gorgeous Artwork from Angelica S and my own artwork to complement
this kit. There are 40 full size elements and 4 backgrounds. All
elements and papers are 300 dpi. I do hope you love this kit as
much as I do. This kit comes in Full Size Only.
This Kit is Available in all The PUP's Stores 

Happy Scrapping to all from The PUP

Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Tags from Andrea Rraqi aka Pup's CT Girl

New CT Tags from Andrea Rraqi
Thank you so much sweetie. These are Gorgeous. 
~✿~CT for Tootypup Scraps~✿~
I made these 2 Tags with the beautiful new Kit
"Lost World"
from Tootypup Scraps
and my Illustrate Tube "Mech Look"
You can find this Kit at the following Store:
**Sensibility Scrapping**
and here:

Below is the Kit and the Tube - Mech Look used in these Tags
Tube made by Little Doll Designs
The kit is only in some stores at the moment, but will be in all
The PUP's Stores soon.
Have fun and Happy Scrapping from The PUP.

New Tags from Dawdy

Thank you to Dawdy for these Gorgeous Tags mad with my
New Kit - "Lost World"
Please come and take a look at Dawdy' Designs on her Blog HERE
Thank you Dawdy for showing off my kits so beautifully
Kit Previews
Well The PUP was asked by Little Doll Designs to make matching
Kits for LLD Tubes. So here is my first play at it. It is a Gorgeous
Tube to work with and I loved the colours. They blended well together.
"Lost World"
Has a touch of Steampunk to it and Vintage.
You can get the PUP's matching kit here at my Sensibility Store HERE
And adding to all stores today
You can get the Time Lime and Blog Layouts which are made by
Little Doll Designs
They are absolutely Gorgeous. So please come and take a look. 
Blog Layout Template Preview