Saturday, January 20, 2018

Buy The PUP's Store For Just $20 at W4E

*$20.00 * $20.00 * $20.00 *

Buy The PUP's Store

For a Short Time ONLY - You can Buy My Store at
Half  Price - For Just $20.00
Yes down from $40 to just $20. What a DEAL
This is a once in a lifetime offer. There are over
550 Kits for you to buy in one hit at this one Low Price.
If you like The PUP's work and want to get it all in
one go, This is the way to do it. Or you can get just
my CU 4 C4 and Commercial Use kits, or just the Personal
Use, Tagger and or Full Size kits. The Choice is yours
all for the Low Price Of $20.00. As you know The PUP has
always be very Generous with the size of what's in my kits,
so you will be like a kid with a new toy. Enjoy and most
of all - Have Fun. You can find my BMS Here at 

My Wilma 4 Ever Store.

Happy Scrapping from the PUP....

PS :-) This is a great way to top up the kits you don't have
if you have already got The PUP's BMS. 
I Added Over 100 New Kits In 2017

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