Wednesday, June 28, 2017

$1.00 Sale at Inspirations Of Scrapfriends Now
The PUP is having another 24 hour only $1.00 Sale.
For all my kits in store Here at Inspirations Of Scrapfriends.

So What A Great time to grab what you like while the price is right.
Just $1.00 for 24 HOUR ONLY
So come on in and take a look around.
Just say The PUP sent you.
The PUP always has something for everyone
See you there.
Happy Scrapping all

New CT Tags From Patricia Designs

WOW Take a look at what Patricia made with The PUP's Kit
"Candy Tots Play Time"
What Gorgeous Taggies. Beautiful.
Patricia used The PUP's kit "Candy Tots Play Time"
This kit comes in Full Size Only and
Is Available in all of The PUP's Stores
Please take a trip over to Patricia's Blog HERE
And take a look at her awesome work. You will
be spell bound believe me......
 Well Have A Wonderful Day Everyone
And Most Of All
Happy Scrapping From The PUP
 Kit Preview

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Commercial Use Kits In Store Today

Well here are Two more Beautiful Fantasy Commercial Use Kits
From The PUP made with my own artwork and the gorgeous artwork
from Angelica S. This kit is great for all your Fantasy themed
Kits you wish to make. All elements are full size 300 dpi.
There is also papers and one backgrounds
This kit is a Cu 4 Cu, Commercial, and Personal use Kit.
Please follow the appropriate Terms Of Use in my TOU Folder.
This Kit is in All My Stores Now
Comes In Full Size ONLY

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Just A Note From The PUP

The PUP just wants to say to all my Friends
Out there in the Scrapping World
 Hope you all have a Great Weekend
Wherever you are in the world. Please be safe. And most of all Happy
Scrapping to you all. I want to thank Rosi for this Gorgeous Tag she
mad with the PUP's Kit "Dog Gone Cute" Please stop in and take a look
at Rosi's gorgeous work HERE at

Have a great Weekend Everyone.
Hugs From The PUP..............XXXXXXXXXX

Friday, June 23, 2017

Candy Tots Play Time New Release In Store Now

New Release In Store Now
"Candy Tots Play Time" Personal Use Kit.
This is a Gorgeous Kit. The PUP has worked with the artwork of
Perfect Posers for the first time. I love these darling little dolls.
So here is my first kit using them. This kit has 65 elements and 10
papers for you to play with. Everything is full size. This is a
Personal Use Kit Only. Hope you enjoy. Happy Scrapping to all from
The PUP. I hope you enjoy this kit.
Happy Scrapping to all from The PUP.
This kit comes in Full Size ONLY
And is available in all The PUP's Stores

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The PUP's New Store

**-**Tootypup New in Store Now**-**
 Please come along and welcome the PUP to store
 Amazing Scrap Kits and Commercial use Packs
 Don't miss out on the bargains - Just added another
20 kits to my store. Come and take a look HERE
Happy Scrapping to all from The PUP

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The PUP is Now Selling in a New Store
The PUP is now selling here at Daelmans Designs
Thank you so much for the invite Missy. I know I am going to
Love it here. Well just wanted to let all my friends out there in
The Scrapping World I see here now as well.
Would love to see you come and take a look around.
This kit below is one of my new kits in store here now
And you will of course see some of my oldies as well.
This kit is only in this store at the moment.
But The PUP could change that at anytime, could even go lower.
You know me.
I like to make sure no one misses out.
Have a Great Day Everyone
And Most Of All
Happy Scrapping from The PUP
Same Kit - Just two different Previews

 My Store Is HERE

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Surprise SAle at The PUP's Wilma 4 Ever Store

Surprise Surprise  Surprise
The PUP is Having a Surprise Sale
Here in my Store at Wilma 4 Ever
For 24 Hour ONLY.
So come on and check it out.
Just say The PUP Sent you.......LOL

Friday, June 16, 2017

New Commercial Use Kits In Stores Now


Spring Daisy's Cu 4 Cu FS
The PUP has put this kit together with my own artwork. Just some of my doodling
around. Just thought I would share these with you. Just something to play with in
your Spring and Fantasy Kits. This is a Cu 4 Cu, Commercial and Personal Use
Kit. In this kit there are 40+ elements all full size 300 dpi. You are welcome
to do with as you please, but please follow my Terms Of Use
Have Fun and Enjoy.
Available In All The PUP's Stores

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Flash Sale At Scrap And Tubes

Come And Check Out
All Our $1.00 Kits In Store Now
At Scraps And Tubes.

The PUP's Store Is


Exciting offers at $1.00 from several designers
Don't miss this special day!!



▼▼▼   $1.00 SALE   ▼▼▼


Bella Caribena
Cindy's Creative Designs

Desirena Designs
KnC Scrapz

La Galerie de Jackie
Natalia NZ
Pink's Poetic Scraps
Puddicat Creations
Rebellious Scraps

Simply Sumara
Sweet Cravings Scraps
Tootypup Scraps


Below Are Some Of The PUP's Kits

You can get For Just $1.00

Happy Scrapping To All

From The PUP



Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Land Of Make Believe CU Mix In Store Now

Land Of Make Believe CU Mix FS
Here is another gorgeous new fantasy/Spring kit from The PUP
using those beautiful little dolls from Pink Doll Bubbles. In
this CU Kit there are 30 full size elements for you to work with.
This is a Commercial and Personal Use Kit.
I have added my own artwork as well to set off the little dolls
and also used the artwork from Outlaw By Design. If you love The
PUP's Fantasy kits, here is another one to add to your collection.
I hope you like and enjoy this one as well.
Happy Scrapping to all From The PUP
This kit is available in all The PUP's Stores

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Cu 4 Cu Kit In Store Now

Lost Island CU 4 CU Mix FS
This Kit has been put together by the PUP aka
Tootypup Scraps, using my own art work. Yes The PUP has been playing
with some new ideas in this kit. I love the Silhouette effect of
the night sky in this kit. I hope you like what I have put together
for you as well.
There are 20 gorgeous Tubes/Elements,
for you to work with, all full size and 300 dpi.
Thank you for stopping in and taking a look at
The PUP's New Commercial Use Kit
"Lost Island FS CU Mix" Please Enjoy.
Happy Scrapping From The PUP
This kit is available in all The PUP's Stores
Comes in Full Size ONLY.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New CT Tags From Dawdy

Here are Two more Gorgeous new CT Tags from Dawdy Designz
Using The PUP's Kit - Dog Gone Cute Personal Use.
I so do love my PUP's. Please come and take a look at Dawdy's Blog HERE
Check out her beautiful Tagging work
Dog Gone Cute is available in all The PUP's Stores.
 Kit Preview

Saturday, June 3, 2017

New CT Tags From Dawdy - Night City Skyline

These two Awesome Headers are made by Dawdy of
using my Commercial Use Kit
Night City Skyline. This kit is available in all the PUP's Stores.
I don't usually allow CT work with my Commercial Use Kit.
But I thought this would be a good kit to show off as it is a
 different style of kit from The PUP. So I hope you like it.
Thank you so much Dawdy from showing it off so well.
Ok that is all for now from The PUP
Happy Scrapping to all.
 Kit Preview

New CT Tag from Patricia Designs

These Two Gorgeous CT Tags are made by Patricia from
Patricia's Designs. She used the PUP's Full kit of Dog Gone Cute.
This kit is Available in all the PUP's Stores and also
there is a Commercial Use Kit Available as well

Some Gifts from friends Using my Blog Train Kit

This Gorgeous Tag is from Hanny Designs -  made with the PUP's
part of my June Blog Train - Dog Gone Cute Sampler kit.
You can get the full kit in all my stores and there is also a
Commercial Kit Available in my Stores as well.
If you would like to grab the FREE Sampler, just scroll down
to my June Blog Train Below.
These beautiful Tags below are from Genevieve Lalot.
Using the full kit of Dog Gone Cute.
Thank you both so much for sharing what you do with my kits
with me. I love showing your tags off to the world.

Full Kit Preview
Papers Full Kit Preview
My Blog Train Preview
Blog Train Papers Preview