Saturday, April 28, 2018

New Commercial Use Kits In Store Now

Coven Of The Hidden Spells CU 4 CU

Ok The PUP has been play again. This Castle I made here for this Commercial Use Kit, 
I made from a photo of a termite mound. I tubed the mound and then used it as my base 
to make this element. After hours of work cutting and drawing and re shaping I came 
up with what you see. I think it It turned out pretty ok I thought. It is a very Mystical and 
Magical as well as having a touch of Goth about it. This would be a wonderful addition 
to your Mystical and Fantasy Kit Collections.
There are 7 Fantasy Castles
 Full Size 300 dpi, size range from 1800 to 2600, plus a pack
of extras if you wish to use then to decorate your own castle elements. 

Old Fantasy Tree CU 4 CU 

For this kit The PUP has used an element from Outlaw By Design 
As my base element (Of which I have permission to use her elements 
for my work) to make this Old Fantasy Tree. 
There are 6 full size Tree elements for you to work with. 
Also there is an few extra elements 
for you to have to decorate the elements the way you like. 

These Kits are both Full Size
Are Available in all The PUP's Store.

I hope you enjoy this Commercial Use Kit
Happy Scrapping from The PUP.

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