Saturday, November 11, 2017

Buy The PUP's Store

What's The Best Way to Buy
All The Scrap Kits You Love from The PUP.
To get all the kits you want at a very cheap price is to
Buy The PUP's Store. You get everything you want at the best price.
Some people just get the Commercial Use Kits, Some just get the Full Size Kits.
Tis up to you as to what you want.
Full Size Kits
Tagger Kits (Not at Scrap And Tubes)
Commercial Use
Cu 4 Cu

The PUP's Store is Just $40.00. You can grab The Buy My Store Deal
here in these stores.
Scraps And Tubes -:
Designer for Scraps and Tubes
Wilma $ Ever -:
Sensibility Scrap Designs -:
Sensibility photo fanofsensibiliy.gif
Berryapplicious Scraps -:
Berry Applicious

So come and take a look around. I don't have Tagger sized kits in my
Scrap And Tubes Store. Wilma 4 Ever is the best store for both sized
kits. Thank you for stopping in and checking things out. Have a great
day everyone, and most of all.
Happy Scrapping From The PUP.............XXXXXXXXXX

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