Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Update on the PUP

WOW! The kindess of some people never ceases to amaze me...or more specifically, Susan. People have continually emailed me asking for updates on the PUP, which I then forward each and every message I receive onto Susan, and she is speechless by so many kind thoughts. So I thought it was about time I post an update.

Susan is doing OK. Some days are better than others, and today is not such a good day, as it is with the whole grief process. She comes online almost every day now (whereas before a couple would pass before I saw her again, leaving me worried), and she tries to busy herself with designing. Some days her mojo just won't kick in - and we all know about that, eh? - but the way she sees it now is that designing is now her "bread and butter". She needs to do this to make the extra money needed to pay bills her pension doesn't quite cover. As she was her partner's full time carer she was paid a carer's pension, however that has gone now, leaving a huge hole that once used to cover her living expenses. And having lost out on a store we were in that closed a couple of weeks ago and did not pay out its designers (for two month worth of sales for Tooty and I), reduced her to tears. She needed and still needs that money. However, many others are in the same or similar boat on that one, sadly.

As I said Susan has good and bad days. I talk to her every day online and phone her occasionally to check in. She told me her doctor almost had a cardiac arrest when he saw the state of her the other day - to which she told him that THAT was a good day. lol But in all, she is getting there. It is a slow process and at this time she still isn't ready to come back "full time" to stores. She is still on "special notices" and if there is anything important, I usually take care of it for her as well as forward it on to her (just to keep her in the loop).

I have been forwarding everyone's good thoughts and wishes as well as comments on her latest kits to her, and she is incredibly touched by everyone's kindness. She has asked me to thank you all. Rest assured, she will be back. In the meantime she works on new kits to keep herself busy and I add them to her stores and announce them for her. And let me tell you - she has a gorgeous one coming very soon!! So the PUP still has it. *s*

Thanks again everyone!


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