Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Kits In Store Now

Easter's Dawn

Easter is a time of reflection.
Of time when our lives were freed from the sins
of our humanity. When the spirit of life rose
from the grave of justice.

How blessed is this day,
when earth and heaven are joined
and humankind is reconciled to God!
May the light of Jesus shine continually
to drive away all darkness.
May Christ, the Morning Star who knows no setting,
find his light ever burning in our heart
she who gives his light to all creation,
and who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

For children it is a time of fun
and the love of a little rabbit that cames their
way and leaves some tasty treats.
The Easter egg hunt.
The fun of the game.

I do hope you enjoy this kit.
It is a perfect add on to the kit "The Prayer"
Easter Blessing from the PUP

Pot Of Gold

Pot Of Gold
A St Patrick's Day Kit from the PUP to you.
This is just a fun little kit for everyone for St Pat's Day
Everyone would love to have the LUCK of the Irish
Oh to be....To find a Pot Of Gold at the end of a rainbow.
Happy St Pat's Day to all
Hugs to all from the PUP

These Kits come in Tagger size only
And can be found in all stores the PUP sells at

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  1. Hi Susan/Tootypup. I have made a tag for you on my blog, using Your beautiful ptu kit Easter, LOVE THIS KIT. it's animated, hope you like it, xx