Friday, November 13, 2009

New Kit "Christmas Delights" In Store Now


Hi There Everyone
Well the PUP has been at it again. With Christmas just around the corner.
Well only 6 weeks away, I thought I would have another play.
Here is a look at my new kit in stores now.
Oh! and keep your eyes and ears open...
There's more to come
Hugs from the PUP

"Hidden Secrets"
(A Twilight Exclusive) $3.00


~ Awareness of a Child's Fear ~

Sitting at home all alone
With a fear of the ones that live so near
Hiding pain that is there each day
Praying for Angels to take me away

In my room I try too hide
Covering my bruised face and teary eyes
From my punishments inflicted each day that goes by
For doing things the wrong way no matter how hard I try

So afraid of what will happen
Never wanting to go out and play
In the fear of what other children will say
Like - why do your parents treat you that way

I try so hard to do things right
I hate it when the day turns to night
That is when my mum and dad fight
Then on me they take out their plight

I hear footsteps loud and clear
Coming my way - I hide in fear
I know the fault is always mine
I know again it is that time

Feeling so alone I just want to die
And be taken away to the clouds in the sky
To feel the love I so desire
A caring hand that will always be kind

In Angels care I will cry no tears
And never have to hide in silent fear
I want to play and feel the cheer
That all special little children seem too feel

In this time we live now
The sadness of violence is all around
In family homes - the haunting sound
When a child again has been hit to the ground

© Tootypup - Susan

(This POEM has been published,
So please do not copy or use without permission from me.)
I just wanted to share it with you all - Thank you.

This DV kit has so many hidden secrets.
With each element there is a secret that will never be told.
This is something that has to be brought to the for front and stopped.
We need to be aware of what hides within
the safe boundries of many homes in our world today.
This is all I want to say for now.

Please enjoy - Love from the PUP

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