Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just An Aussie Christmas


It's Christmas "Aussie" style!
Designed by Stina and Tootypup Scraps
once again worked together to bring you
"An Aussie Christmas Collab"
as we both live in different parts of Australia.
Stina lives in Sydney and the PUP in the Outback.
So we decided to show the different styles of Christmas we have.
Despite being in the outback, a lot of things are still very traditional
in many ways, as it is on the Coast.
Some of the decorations might be a little different,
but most are the same as everywhere else.
There is no White Christmas for us....
just sand and dust for the PUP
and the hot humid summer heat for Stina.
We hope you will get a taste of what
Christmas is like for us on our side of the world....
We hope you like this kit as much as we did
putting it all together.
to everyone through out the world
from the PUP and Stina.....

And here are a couple of Tags made by Patty
By Patty of Honored Scraps



So wishing everyone all over the world
The best Christmas ever
Hugs from the PUP

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  1. Just popping in to let you know that I used some of your contribution to the 'Lets Be Thankful blog train in a LO on my blog!!!!!!!