Sunday, October 7, 2018

New Commercial Halloween Kits In Store Today

Well The PUP has been a bit Busy. Come and Take a Look at
What I have been busy doing for Halloween. These 6 new Commercial Use
Kits are now in The PUP's Store for you to take a look at.
( Kits Will be added to my Daelman's Store and TKO after The 10th)

I know you will love what i have done for you to play with for your
Halloween projects.  So come and take a look around in my Stores.

All Kits are Full Size.

Below are the Previews for My Vintage Halo Pumpkins.
These are Gorgeous Autumn Halloween Kits, with many elements
and Papers and Paper Borders for you to work with.
As you can see, The PUP has used the awesome artwork from
Pink Doll Bubbles for the Vintage Halo Pumpkin Miss Kit.
All elements are full size 300 dpi.

Kit Previews



Paper Borders

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