Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Personal And Commercial Use Kits In Store Today

New Releases In Stores Today

Ok the PUP has been a bit busy with making some 
new kits for you all. Some Commercial Use and Personal Use Kits 
to play with. Ok Here they are Hope you like them. 
The Personal Use kits come in both Tagger and Full Sizes
And the Commercial Use Kits are all Full Size

All kits Are Available In All The PUP's Stores

Lady Of The Harp CU Mix FS

This Kit has been put together by the PUP aka Tootypup Scraps, 
using my own art work and using the beautiful art work of Angelic's Designs.
Kit used are (AS-RS-GUINEVERE) -

This kit you can use to do so many projects. You can use this kit for any 
fantasy work, and you could even use it for St Patrick's Say Kits. 
I hope you Enjoy and have fun with it. 

St Pat's Day CU Mix3 FS

Here is the Commercial Use Kit with some of the elements I 
made to use in the Personal Use kit. I thought you may like 
them to use for yourself with your Commercial Use and Personal Use 
Scrapping. In this kit there are 25+ elements, 12 beautiful cluster 
elements as well. All elements are full Size and 300 dpi. 
Please enjoy and most of all Have Fun

Feeling Lucking Personal Use Only

This is the PUP's first St Patricks Day Kit for this year. 
It is one I started last year but never got it finished in 
time to release before the Day.....LOL..... it is a gorgeous 
fantasy kit with many beautiful elements to play with.

Previews For Raining Digital's Commercial Use Store

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