Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Commercial Use Kit Released Today

CU Wood Work CU Mix FS
This kit all the elements are made from scratch by the PUP. 
All the elements are undressed ready form you to do with what you like to 
get them to work in with the kits you make yourself. There is a Wishing Well, 
Garden Benches, Chair, Bird House/Cottage, Frames, Post and Rail Fences,
 Bridge, Water Barrels, all full size 300 dpi. There is 30 + elements for you 
to play with. This Kit is for Cu 4 Cu, Commercial and Personal Use.
Happy Scrapping to all from the PUP

Comes In Full Size Only
This Kit is Available in all the PUP's Stores

Proud Designer for Twilight Scraps

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