Monday, April 13, 2015

New Commercial Use Kits In Stores Now

Well the PUP has been playing again. And here is what I have been up too. 
So many hours went into these two kit. As it is Spring in some parts of the 
world I made some Fox Glove Flowers and some Wisteria Flowers. The PUP 
was inspired to make this kit by a photo of some flowers in my garden. The flower
 I used was a Violet....LOL... believe it or not. I used the petals to make the
 Fox Glove Petals/flower, and the Wisteria Flowers, with using my favorite Brush 
the warp brush In my PSPro X to get my finished flower. So The PUP hopes 
you like the finished result here. This kit is great to use for any garden projects 
and fantasy kits you make. 
These are two Gorgeous kits from the PUP to you. So have fun and please enjoy.

This kit is Available in all the PUP's Stores

Also at Raining Digital's Commercial Use Store

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