Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest We Forget

Just a little something from the PUP
To remember what was given
To bring Peace, Hope and Love. We still
have a long way to go. But in time I pray,
we can live in Peace and Harmony each
new waking day.
Guide Them Home

Reach out your arms
Hold them close to your breast
Guide them safely
Through the Valley of Death
With the drums of War
In the background of life
Let them know
Through this element of time
We stand united for all mankind
Our Soldier, Our Boy,
Now walks this bloodied line
To keep the honesty and truth all Devine
For what truly is yours and mine
To give tomorrow
To the Children of today
The Hope and Peace
That they may play
And the feeling of freedom
That came from this pain
Please never let our soldiers suffer alone
Reach out your love and welcome them home
Remember the time of yesterday
They were our sons and daughters that used to play
Remember in silence the ones that passed
Forever in our hearts there memories will last
© Susan Russell-Smith
 Published in Great Britain 2007 - by Forward Press
Lest We Forget

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