Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just A Note From The PUP

Just A Note From The PUP
Ok Just a note from the PUP to all my Friends
out there in the Scrapping world.
I am going away on Monday, should be home around
the 17th of October. Just thought I would let you
know that I wont be online during this time. Going
to enjoy the break away from the Puter......LOL.
Oh don't worry - The PUP will set all my Store Sales
before I go so you don't miss out on my great deals
I do for you...LOL.
I am going to spend time with my 3 sisters. Don't get
to see them to often. And will also catch up with my
girlfriend too. She and her family moved away from
up were I live 5 years ago.....Ok... that is about
everything. Thank you for listening.......LOL.
Take care everyone, and thank you all for you wonderful support.
The PUP will be back.... Catch up then...... Will Miss you all
Take care - Hugs to all.............XXXXXXXXXX



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