Saturday, April 5, 2014

Just A Note From The PUP

Now - Just a Note From The PUP

Just wanted to let you all know what I have been up too.
Well The PUP's modem is dying a very slow death here, which is
slowing me down With adding new kits to my stores. My speed is slower
 than dial up at this time. My service provider Is meant to be sending out
a new one, but still nothing. So I do apologize for this. Hope it will be here
soon. As I am going away, I wont have the new modem now
till I get home again.

Also the PUP is going away for 3 + weeks over the Easter Break to
spend time with my sisters. So I will be taking a break from
My scrapping till I return. That is why the PUP has worked her
Little BUT off last month to get these kits all done and in store.....LOL
Ready for you all for Easter
The PUP wants to thank all my friends in the Scrapping and
Tagging World for your wonderful support and patronage Your
all the best.... And a Great Big Thank you to you all.
Take care all - And Happy Scrapping from the PUP
Please Have a Happy and Safe Easter,
and if you don't celebrate Easter, Please take care
and be Safe. See you all when I get home around
the 23rd to 24th of April all being well.

Big Hugs from the PUP

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