Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Kits In Store Today

New Kits In All The
PUP's Stores Today

Are You A Twilight Fan
Forever Is Only The Beginning_TG

This is a gorgeous Twilight Kit.
So if you are a fan of the Twilight Movies, this is
just what you are looking for. The kit is full of beautiful
romantic elements of Bella and Edwards special day.
So come and take a lookie....You will love what you see.
So have fun and Happy Scrappin from the PUP


Pumpkin Haunt_TG

Well here is another Halloween Kit from the PUP.
As Halloween is not far away now. I do hope you
like this beautiful kit as much as I do. I had great
fun putting it together for you all out there in the world
of scrapping. There is so many awesome elements for
you to play with. So come on and have some fun.
Oh, and watch those shadows in the night. You never
know what is hiding there in them.......wooooooo.....
So Happy Halloween to you all and Happy Scrappin too

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