Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Tag From - Stina

Today is my dear Tooty's 18th Birthday. Well would have been.
She passed over to Rainbow Bridge last September 2010.
It truly left a huge void in my heart without her here with me.
But I knew it was her time and I was there for here till the end.
Happy Birthday Dear Toot....... Lover you always.

Well now look at this awesome Tag that my dear friend Stineeee
msde in memory of my Toot for her birthday. WOW it was such
a surprise. It brought tears to my eyes but in the nicest of ways.
You can find Stinee's TUT HERE for this taggie.
The kit Stina used is the PUP's part of the Rainbow Bridge Collab
Stinee and I did together. A kit we both loved doing for our animal friends.
You can purchase the kit here in these stores.
Thank you from from my heart dear friend. This means so much
to me. You are the bestest fwiend anyone could wish for. Luv Ya.

Thank you all for your kind words and support on this special day
Love to you all - And Happy Scrappin from the PUP

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