Monday, September 20, 2010

Some Sad News from the PUP

This is Stina once again and I have some sad news to share.
You may remember Susan lost her partner Dave just six weeks ago, and her scrapping friends got together and we created a gorgeous collab where all sales for the month of Setpember go to her called "Fall-Ever Friends". And you know the sales of the collab have gone towards helping her for which she is eternally grateful. Thank you everyone.

But how many know how Susan got her design name - Tootypup Scraps? It is that of her bestest four-legged friend, Tootypup, who is a black lab cross kelpie and is 17 and a half years old (photo in the sidebar). Like me, Susan loves her animals and Tooty has been her companion, confidant and best friend through some of the toughest times of her life.

This last week Tooty has been on and off her food which, if anyone knows a Lab, is unusual. It got to the point she would only eat McDonalds which Susan went out to get just so she would eat. Then just after I said goodnight to Susan and went to bed a couple of nights ago Tooty had a turn and her legs went all wobbly and she couldn't stand. Her eyes rolled back for a moment and Susan became worried. She couldn't walk and had to lift her, and she's no small pup. Susan stayed with her for a couple of hours till she settled. When she told me the next day I thought it sounded like a mild stroke, as it was like what happened to my beloved Sheba when she had her first stroke some 4 years ago. It's rather frightening when it happens because you don't know what it is or what to do. I said if it was a stroke she would be off her food because she would feel nauseous and off-balance. But she started to eat a little.

Then last night she went back off her food. This is always never a good sign, I know. Susan was so worried that I told her to call the emergency vet for some advice, as there wasn't much I could advise. He said from what she told him it did sound like a mild stroke, and she was to bring Tooty in first thing this morning at 8.30am. I knew she would worry all night, as would I about her. I told her to call me right away if the news isn't good. I laid in bed this morning thinking I never heard from her so it must be OK. But when I got up I found an IM message from her. And I rang her right away.

Her beloved Tooty has the advanced stages of cancer. And it is of the pancreas. The most aggressive cancer. The prognosis is not good - anything from a week to a month, but not much more. Susan is devastated. She always knew this day would come but so soon after Dave she is not ready. And it is the last thing she needs. She told me soon there will be only her and maybe then she would turn up her toes by Christmas. I said "no, don't say that". She is devastated. Tooty has been her best friend for over 17 years and letting an animal friend go is never easy, and no matter how long you know it will come, you are never fully prepared. I remember that feeling all too well. And I was a mess for a long time after I had my girl put to sleep - which by the way, will be 2 years on Wednesday. And the 1st anniversary since I started designing.

So now Susan doesn't know how often she will be on, as she just wants to make the most of the last days she has with her baby girl, and after that she will be a mess. I am due to visit her in 3 weeks, and Tooty may or may not be there when I arrive.

I am saddened by this, and devastated for Susan because I remember the pain of saying goodbye when you aren't ready to, and then having to let go as they quietly slip away. I was there holding my girl when she left, and I know Susan will be the same with Tooty. But so soon after the loss of Dave this really is the last thing she needs. I just wanted to share with you all in case Susan disappears again...and she was slowly coming back again too.

I honestly don't know how she is going to cope and I am so far away from her it's hard. I feel so sad right now for Susan. I tend to love animals, especially dogs, more than humans. lol There is just something so trusting and innocent about them. And they love you unconditionally. I have never met Tooty but I feel the pain too.

I'll keep you updated....



  1. Susan - I am so sorry to hear this news - I understand the pain. I have been through it and it is never easy and there is nothing to be said.
    I shall hold you close in heart and thought and know that you will keep your darling little friend as comfortable as you can. Love and hugs, Linda.

  2. Susan my prayers are with you and tootypup, I know this is so hard an so sad right..but just know that Tooty will always be in your heart she will never be far from you..I am a most avid dog is so hard to lose as they are family..but my prayers are with you at this time and remember the Lord Jesus Christ is right by your side and loves you so very much lean on Him for comfort as He is the ultimate comforter..I am always here for you and I love you very much