Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New PTU Collab "Rainbow Bridge"


A very special kit made in collaboration with my bud Designs by Stina about something very near and dear to our hearts. Losing a pet is like losing a part of yourself because they love so completely and unconditionally.

~ A Rainbows Promise ~

The Keeper of Our Dear Animal Friends
At Rainbow Bridge

Every time I look into a rainbow
Through the gentle grey mist
The colors of a promise
That lives for all eternity
The promise of beauty and love
Were life will never suffer again
From any of life’s pains

Every time I look into a rainbow
On the distant horizon of time
I know that you - my dear friend of mine
You are safely tucked beneath
Heaven’s Angels silken wings
Now departed from my caring hand
I miss you my gentle friend

I miss the love you gave
To me each and every day
My heart is blessed to have
The memories you gave
The tears I cry
Gives me the strength
To carry on through tomorrow

I know you are free
And in heavenly spirit
You are still with me
You have moved onto another time
To where the angels fly
This warms my heart
Though we are now so far apart

My love for you will always be true
The gift of you will never fade
The memories I hold close each day
Oh how I do miss that time
That time we were together
I can feel your spirit always
I know you are near

There are times
I see your shadow in the night
Right there next to mine
You will always be there
Within the shadow of my heart
Even though we are now apart

© Tootypup - Susan

Please note this kit is Part ONE. To complete the collaboration just purchase Stina's part.

Here is a preview of Stina's

Available in stores NOW

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