Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now Selling at.... PLUS New Kit

Well I have been busy the last few days...everyone seems to want me to join their stores. LOL But I had to narrow the field down - there are so many! I should know...I bought from them all often enough. LOL

OK, so the news I am proud to announce is I am now selling at the following three stores:
I'm excited to be on board all of them, as so many of the designers I have admired and loved their work I will be sharing with too! I never thought I would that.
I also have a new kit now available at all my stores. Like I said in the "teaser" yesterday - it's somewhat different for me but I hope you will like it. But I had so much fun making this, and I love it to bits. It is Bright, Cheery, Vibrant.

Introducing....."Casino Royale"!

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