Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Cu 4 Cu Kit Release In The PUP's Stores

When A Boy Loves A Girl Cu 4 Cu FS
This is a beautiful Valentines Day kit, again using the
Artwork of Pink Doll Bubbles -
Remember your first kit and
how you felt. The Butterfly's in your tummy, and the tingling
in your toes, and what would happen if Mum or Dad caught us.....LOL.
Well this kit is just that memory of that time a long time ago.
When we first felt the feeling of Love. There are many gorgeous
elements for you to work with all full size and 300 dpi. Also
there are two papers and a paper border as well.
Enjoy, and most of all have fun and Happy Scrapping from The PUP
Comes in Full Size only and is available in all The PUP's Stores.

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