Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heart of a Ghost

In the shadows of the light.
With her soul now cold.
She walks the pathways
In the still mist of time.
Holding within the pain from life.

In life her heart was torn.
When her love was betrayed.
By the one she loved.
Now her spirit shimmers.
Within the dark realms of night.

Casting her revenge from the shadows light.
To the living that took away her dreams.
For only memories of the pain.
She holds now leads her to the darkness.
Her unseen crystal tears she always hides.

As she weaves fear in her magical web.
Where her spirit rains forever eternal
Till the dark of night turns too morning light.
When her soul sleeps in the shadows to bright.
Till again she awakens on this Halloween Night.

© Tootypup - Susan 2009

This kit is hauntingly beautiful,
with the touches of love
And a broken fairy tale.
In the dark of a Halloween night,
Beauty cast a magical spell.

I hope you love this kit as much as I did putting it all together.
Have a wonderful Halloween... ..
Watch out for the shimmering shadows
That float by you as you walk,
feel that cold tingle go through you soul.

Have fun playing with my Kit " Heart of a Ghost"

Thank you all from the PUP
Tootypup Scraps


  1. hello hun i love the look of this kit n the poem with it but where can i find it theres no download link for it or a store lol id love to hear back from you at ellavongrim@gmail..n it looks amazeing

  2. I want this kit too! I LOVE it! I checked your store no luck. Where can I get it?

  3. Please disregard previous. I found the kit. It's not classified under you yet but I found it with a search. Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL work on it. It looks GREAT!