Monday, December 1, 2014

Pampered PUP's December Blog Train

Pampered PUP's December 2014
Blog Train
All aboard - Train leaving now at 12.00 on the Dot
So come on and hop on board and join in the fun
The PUP will see you there
  photo DBS_PamperedPupsBT_stina0814.gif
Carolyn Cooper: Carolyn's Creations

To get the PUP's part of the Train
Just Click HERE and HERE
Password is: thanks


The PUP has Two Blog Trains going right now
So come on, Jump on board
And grab some freebies


  1. Thank you for the fabulous kit!
    Hugs, Ann

  2. Tres beau mais ca me dit que le mot de passe n'est pas valide.

  3. thank you for your free kit! you have pretty blog & cute pets!