Friday, July 11, 2014

New In Stores Today - Secrets In The Attic

Secrets In The Attic FS
 Remember the days when you were young and you use
to go up to the attic and look around at all the old things up there.
 All the things that were no longer part of your life,
 but a good memory. A time when you use to remember when you did
 this or did that, oh there's my old toys, story books and so on.
My old diary, old old photos, even some old news papers.
Just sitting up there in the old rocking chair and looking and reading
and just remembering those special days.
Well this kit has all my memories of the old days and fun times
of all the yesterdays gone by....
The PUP hopes you like this kit as much as I did putting it together.
 Ok - Have fun and Happy Scrapping from the PUP
This kit comes in both Tagger and Full size
And is Available in all the PUP's Stores

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