Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Commercial Use Kit in Stores now

Fancy Glasses Cu Mix and CU 4 CU
Well the PUP has so many elements that I have made
myself to use in kits

I have now been putting them together into
Commercial use kits for you to use.
This kit has 5 Grey Scale (Glasses) elements for you to decorate
as you want. Yep you can doing anything. I have also added a
lot of glasses already for you to work with as they are.

In this kit there is

Tropical Glasses
A Romantic Glass, great for Valentines Day and or Wedding kits
Halloween Goblets and plain ones for you to work with as you please
Pewter Goblets

I hope you enjoy this kit. There is so many things you can use it for.
All elements are full size and are 300 dpi
So happy Scrapping from the PUP

Only Available at
Twilight Scraps
Proud Designer for Twilight Scraps

Scraps And Tubes
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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful scrap kits
    and all the hard work you put in to them I took a couple to practice with as I am new to scrapping so I just learning Thank you again :)

  2. Your so welcome, Scrapping will get you in.... once you start you can't stop....LOL. So you have fun with it.. Hugs from the PUP