Sunday, August 1, 2010

Special Collab "New Beginnings

This Is The PUP's Contribution
for this Special Collab

Special Collab at Aussie Scraps

There is a family desperately in need of our help.
A young woman, her young son, and a 72 year old lady
suffering from cancer are being forced from their home
and do not have the finances to cover the costs of relocating.
We are not asking for donations, but instead we are offering
you this magnificent kit for just $1.00
By purchasing this kit, you not only get a wonderful product,
but you are helping this needy family as well.
At 72 years of age and ill the last thing you need
is the stress and worry of financial matters.

Please support our Designers by purchasing this kit
which has been made with love and caring.
Available ONLY at Aussie Scraps

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